Pia+Jade | Frequently Asked Questions for weddings
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Where are you based?

We are based in South Nowra on the beautiful NSW South Coast.


Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, and we absolutely love to! We are predominately based around the Southern Highlands, Sydney and the South Coast but we are able to travel absolutely anywhere. We have created weddings interstate and as far as Santorini in 2019. For travel further than 50kms we charge a travel fee to cover transportation and accommodation where required.


Where can I view previous examples of your work?

We are constantly updating our website, Pinterest and Instagram with beautiful photos of our weddings, florals, stationery and styled shoots


How do we book you?

Great question! It’s pretty simple! All you need to do is go onto our website here, download our package information and fill out each question to the best you can. We will then prepare a quote and email you and once you are happy with it all you need to do is pay the deposit and your date is booked in!


Once I book you, after paying my deposit, how does the process work from now until the wedding?

Once your deposit is paid and you are booked in with us the planning and designing stage begins. We are very visual people so once we see your inspiration photos and ideas we can get a great understanding of what you want. We are just an email or call away if you have any questions over the coming months until your day. Around 3 months out we will check in with you to make sure your inspiration or brief hasn’t changed and alter your design if need be. Two months out we will start to draft your stationery designs if you have booked us for stationery items. Around 4-6 weeks before your day to start putting together logistics and run sheets and confirm floral and styling palettes.


Can we change our quote after we pay our deposit?

Yes. Our deposit is mainly to secure your date with us. The quote can always be altered after the deposit has been paid as we understand guest numbers, ideas, colours and inspiration may change as we go through the planning process.


What is included in the Full Scale Styling and Floral Design Package?

-Set up, styling and pack down of wedding ceremony and reception

-On the day vendor coordination (free of charge up until ceremony begins)

-Exclusive access to our inventory with unlimited use of styling items

-Six months of planning, design and logistical correspondence via phone or email.

-Ceremony – Set up and styling of arbour with florals and foliage. Set up and styling of signing table and chair (either provided by the couple or venue), welcome area with signage, floral arrangement and petal toss (if your venue allows)

-Reception – Bridal table (if you choose to have one) is styled with a long, low floral arrangement with candles intertwined to frame the bride and groom. Guest tables are styled with textural floral arrangements, complimentary bud vases and candles of various heights.

-Placement of seating plan, name cards, table numbers and menus as required. This does not include the cost of designing and printing, this would be itemised separately on the quote if you would like us to also provide stationery.

-Styling of miscellaneous areas such as entry, bar, gift table, cake table and cocktail/bar tables with candles and floral arrangements as required.


Can I repurpose my arbour to the reception after ceremony?

Yes, majority of the time, we are more than happy to repurpose your ceremony elements into your reception so you get the most out of your beautiful blooms and budget.

There will be instance’s where this unfortunately cant be done. Such as;

-Some of our arbours cannot be moved once they are put together and placed into position for ceremony. This is because they need to be tied together/pegged/strapped down. If we then attempt to move it, we risk the arbour falling apart and destroying the florals we have created. We also risk damaging the structure itself

-Weight; some vases/items can be too heavy to be moved once filled with water and florals for the ceremony

-If your florals have been created on a vertical surface (eg. pole), they cannot be taken off the arbour and moved to a horizontal surface (eg. bar/mantle) in the cocktail/reception as they are created from a certain point of view and cannot be altered after.

If repurposing florals is important to you, please let us know and we will suggest ways in which we can guarantee it can be done.


What happens to the flowers? Do I get to keep them after the wedding?

We are more than happy for you to keep the flowers after your wedding. Please let us know prior so we can list this in our pack down run sheet, as well as coordinate with the venue.

We will save the best of what is left from your tables, arbour etc. at the venue for you. It is your responsibility to make sure it is okay for flowers to be left at the venue. Please keep in mind that we have no control of what happens to the flowers after we leave on the day of the wedding; whether that be guests pull them out of water, the room temperature is quite warm, the weather has affected them or simply that the flowers just don’t last that long.


What is included in your inventory? Can I choose anything I want?

You can find our inventory on our website here.

As we purchase new items to keep up with styles we will update this as regularly as possible. If we don’t have something that you would like for your day, we are more than happy to give you some suggestions and recommendations. If there is something that you love, you can let us know and we can base our styling around the items you have chosen.


Are there any scrap flowers left over for my cake etc.?

No. We have a stem count and recipe for each item that we create to minimise wastage and to ensure every beautiful bloom gets used. Please let us know every single element that you need for your day, no matter how small.


Do I get to choose what flowers you use?

You can, but trusting us and giving us creative freedom is the best thing you can do. This isn’t our hobby this is our life; we live, breathe and dream flowers. We always use the best quality florals from our growers that we have built great relationships with over the years. We know what will be best to use in the season of your wedding and we will always create something that is as close to your vision as possible.

If there are certain flowers that you have your heart set on, we will definitely try our best to use these on the day. We unfortunately aren’t in control of mother nature and sometimes ingredients that are usually available at certain times of the year are unavailable. This could be because of the rain, heat, winds, drought etc. In this case we do our absolute best to use something as close as possible to what you wanted.


Do you use fake flowers?

No. We use fresh flowers from local growers and the Sydney Flower Markets and occasionally use dried and everlasting blooms.


Why do you charge a site visit fee?

We charge to cover our travel expenses and time on site and travelling to and from the venue.

We understand wedding planning expenses can add up quickly, so if this is not something you have allocated in your budget, we can accommodate site visits via Zoom or FaceTime free of charge the next time you plan on visiting your venue.


Do we get to choose our arbour?

Yes, if you would like to. We will always recommend which arbour we think will suit your style/venue best. We have so many to choose from and we also love creating unique arbours.


Are candles included in the price?

Yes! We include tealights, pillar and taper candles in the package price. We have loads of amazing colours and styles and choose what colour will work best, based on the styling brief.


Can you provide stationery?

Yes. The cost for design and printing of stationery will be itemised on your quote based on your requirements.


Do you have templates I can see for the stationery suites?

Yes, they can be viewed on our website here.


What do you need to design my Seating chart/Welcome sign/ Menu’s/Place cards?

Once you have all your RSVP’s back, please send us a copy of your seating chart and guest names, either in a Word or Excel document. We will also need a copy of your menu from your caterer to design for menu and/or drinks menu.


Will I see a draft of my stationery before it goes to print?

Yes, absolutely! All designs will be sent to you for approval before going to print. This gives you the chance to check you are happy with colours, fonts, layouts etc and for you to give us your feedback if any edits need to be made.


Do you do full on-the-day coordination?

In our package we offer complimentary on-the-day coordination up until the ceremony starts. This includes directing and assisting other vendors if they are not familiar with the venue and ensuring the floor plan is correct. We are usually only on site until the ceremony begins as most vendors have arrived by this time. If you would like us to stay later, we charge an additional hourly rate.


We are hiring items from an external provider, will you set that up for us?

Of course, we are more than happy to set up anything for you on the day that you are providing or have hired. Some items we do charge an additional fee for as it may require additional staff and extra hours to do so. We will discuss this with you if required.


Do you take cash payments?

Unfortunately no. Our payment terms are listed on each quote. We offer credit card and bank transfer.


Where can we view your Terms and Conditions?

Our Terms and Conditions are listed at the bottom of each quote. If you have any queries or require clarification on any points, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with us